24 Mei 2009

National Monument (MONAS)

Few days ago, I visited Monas, The National Monument of Indonesia.
It's on Central Jakarta, near Gambir train station.

The entrance gate is underground and it's marked with TUGU MONUMENT NASIONAL. You might find some souvenirs to be bought, such as T-shirt, Pen, Key holder. Go downstairs, pass the marble tunnel then you'll find the ticket box on the end of the tunnel.
The marble tunnel is wide and it's Air Conditioned :)

There're so many photographers offering their service to capture you with the good Monas background, if only you didn't bring your camera. If I'm not mistaken, it costs Rp. 20,000,-/shot and you can wait the ready-picture in few minutes (kinda polaroid).
I was courius about their technic to shot the good angle, since i've tried and the pics weren't so good. And i was thinking maybe their photo paper was already stamped with Monas background and they just capture the people :D.
Tips : You can capture the photo using digital camera as me, with Monas background and you're in good-clear position. Better you do this before you enter the Monas area or when you're leaving. I was taking the angle from the entrance gate from Pertamina office side. I was standing near the photographer (my friend) and the background was Monas in a full. I love the pic :)

It's opened everyday include the holiday & weekend and closed on the last Monday for each month.
The tickets is Rp. 7,750,-/person for adult (but it's rounded to be Rp. 8,000,-) and Rp.3,750,-/person for students & children (but it's rounded to be Rp. 4,000,-).
It's already included insurance.

On the base of the Monument, there's Museum of Indonesia National History.
There're alot of 3D miniatures of Indonesia Historical & Moments on around its wall.
The Miniatures are completed with explanation text in Bahasa & English.
Tips : The lighting is less, therefore you might use special mode on your camera if you want to capture on it. I'm using the high sensitivity mode without flash on my digital pocket camera.

Then if you want to go to the top of Monas, you should queue to the lift.
Better you prepare yourselves for it, since you might queue for 2 hours. There's only 1 lift and only for 11 persons (included the lift operator).
Tips : Prepare yourselves to queue with removeable chair, mat, snack, good friends to chat, games and other things otherwise you'll be exhausted to stand queuing.
I wondered if there's wifi, I would bring my notebook and connect to internet while waiting for my turn. But, unfortunately, the wifi is not available :(.

On the top of Monas, the area is not so wide. There're binocular telescopes on each corner and they will be worked once we insert the coin. Each coin costs Rp. 2,000,- for 5 minutes usage.
After inserting the coin, you'll be able to use the telescope to see the buildings/sites/places around monas. But I could not see my dorm on Menteng nor my office on Cikini :(

Once you wish to go down, you'll queue again... xixixi... I called it as queuing tour :D.
The lift will take you down to the 2nd floor (not on the same floor as you go up) and go downstairs manually. I was out of Monas area using the same tunnel.

Also I rent a horse carriage to go around with route to istana Negara, Istiqlal Mosque and back to Monas [It's not a whole circle :(]. It costs Rp. 20,000,-/horse carriage and takes 15 minutes.
Tips : Choose the small rubber tyre horse carriage, it's more comfortable.

Hope my info is useful. Have a nice visit to Monas :)
Wait for my next visit review... xixxixi

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  1. emang berani naek kuda bu??
    naek delman kaliiii??? twew

  2. monas? pengen bgt kesana mba belum pernah saya. he3...

    ditunggu kunjungannya da info bari di


  3. jalan2 malam bunda... bingung tentang CAD yah. maap2 he3... tinggal dijakarta bunda? deket monas yah?

  4. @ mamafa : thanks for stepping by
    @ chikal : emang naik delman :p
    @ Awal sholeh : mari kemarih... ntar sayah ajakin naik delman
    @ awal sholeh : dont call me bundaaaaa... quinie ajah, ok?!


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